About the Owners

Katie and Levi were founding partners in 2014. With a vision to truly invest in our communities, we wanted to provide a great experience, an excellent product, and a stable place for people to gather. We want to create space for our staff to feel heard, safe and appreciated; Our guest to feel welcomed and taken care of; Our producers to share their stories; And to always take pride in what good a company can do on a local and global scale. As a family owned, truly small business, we are always striving to do better, meet best practices, and stay engaged for progress.

Our Coffees

At Post, we take pride in sourcing and roasting coffees from all over the world. We believe relationships matter, and seek to partner with producers we can work with year after year. We hope to provide you with an exceptional experience, with coffees that are approachable as they are remarkable.

Our Spaces

We started in a garage and in the local farmer’s market in Lee’s Summit, joining the KC community from the ground up. We know what it’s like to be welcomed in by our communities, and that is exactly what we try to reciprocate every day for our customers. Intentionally designed spaces, with particularly crafted beverages and food, for exceptional humans.

Our Promise

For many of us, coffee has become an essential part of our daily lives. However, the coffee we love and the way we enjoy it is increasingly more susceptible to shifts within local and global ecological and socioeconomic systems. Therefore, we commit ourselves to discovering and employing more sustainable ways to offer our products by decreasing our carbon footprint through better packaging and waste management, developing better trade partnerships with our producers, and increasing the focus on livable wages and additional health and career resources for everyone on our team.